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Vedic Astrologer

Vedic Astrologer
Only Vedic Astrologer to be awarded by Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi for contributions to Astrology.

PhD in Vedic Astrology and Senior Board member at International Association of Vedic Astrology & Numerology.

25+ years experience and over 12,000 happy clients globally.

Clients include celebrities, CEO's, politicians and more.

Host of America's most popular weekly Vedic Astrology radio show heard by over 1 Million listeners.

Saket Bhatia,Vedic Astrologer

Vedic Astrologer Services

As a vedic astrologer, I offer personalized horoscope readings, compatibility analysis, and predictive insights based on the positions of planets in your birth chart.
I also provide guidance on auspicious timings, remedies for planetary influences, and spiritual consultations.

Horoscope Reading

Detailed analysis of your birth chart to provide insights into your personality, life path, and future events.

Vedic Astrology Compatibility

Assessment of compatibility between partners or potential partners based on their horoscopes.

Career Guidance

Advice on suitable career paths and timing for career advancements based on astrological influences.

Financial Forecasting

Predictions and strategies for financial stability and growth, including investment advice and business ventures.

Health Predictions

Insights into potential health issues and recommendations for maintaining well-being based on planetary positions.

Muhurta Selection

Choosing auspicious dates and times for important events like weddings, business ventures, and housewarming.

Love Astrology

Discover the true potential of your relationships and find lasting love with personalized Vedic astrology readings.


Insights into your personality, life path, and future events through the analysis of your core numbers.


Ensurs your home or office layout aligns with Vastu principles to enhance harmony and prosperity

Vedic Astrologer Appointment

Chose your service and book your appointment with me.

$ 300 /hr
Empowering you to make informed choices, overcome obstacles, and live a fulfilling and harmonious life.
$ 300 /hr

Empowering you to leverage the symbolic language of numbers to navigate life’s challenges.

$ 0 /hr

Ccreate an auspicious environment that promotes overall well-being, abundance, and spiritual fulfillment.


Vedic Astrologer Remedies

Improve the positive impact of benefic planets and lessen the negative impact of malefic planets through the use of Vedic Astrology remedies.

Live A More Fulfilling Life

Remove Obstacles

Promote Harmony

Personalized Guidance: A Vedic astrologer provides tailored insights based on your birth chart, helping you understand your strengths, challenges, and life path
Life Decisions: A vedic astrologer offer advice on crucial life decisions, such as career choices, marriage, and financial planning, ensuring you make the right choices.
Remedial Measures: Vedic astrologers suggest effective remedies, like mantras, gemstones, and rituals, to mitigate negative influences and enhance your life.


A wealth of knowledge on ancient astrological texts, techniques, and teachings, providing insights into planetary influences and predictive methods.

Learn Astrology

Courses on theoretical knowledge with practical application, enabling individuals to interpret horoscopes and provide insights.


Sacred ceremonies performed to honor deities, seek blessings, and express devotion to receive spiritual benefits.


Sacred sounds, words, or phrases chanted or recited to invoke spiritual energy and attain specific purposes.

Astrology Softwares

Links to download popular western and vedic astrology softwares. Popular with professional astrologers and enthusiasts.


Articles on meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation to nurture the soul and enhance personal growth.

Astrology Books

Comprehensive knowledge on astrological principles, techniques, and interpretations for beginners and advanced practitioners.

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Over 12,000 customers are greatful to me for the accuracy of my readings and the compassionate guidance I provide.
My 25 years of experience have built a strong foundation of trust and reliability.

Saket Bhatia
Vedic Astrologer


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