Unparalleled Readings

Accurate, sensitive, detailed, multi-faceted, and deep.

Full Readings

A Guided Tour of Your Self


I walk you through deep personal interpretations of your chart, giving you the keys to understand your own chart in infinite detail.

Four 1-hour sessions.

Complete Chart Breakdown

Clear & Thorough

With this 90+ page document you can effectively explore your birth chart in endless detail. Each and every essential fact of your chart fully calculated, parsed and explained.


Astrological Guidance

All Inquiries and Topics

When you want help, guidance, inspiration or information on any specific issue. Less explainatory and exploratory ~ straight to the advice and answers.


Romance & Marriage

Unparalleled Compatibility Computation

An unparalleled report utilizing traditional nakṣatra evaluation, maṅgal-dosa evaluation, and a unique computation of planetary relationships.